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Commercial Roof Inspection Services

12 Stones Roofing offers roofing services for both commercial and residential customers in the Houston area. One of the services they offer is the commercial roof inspection. Inspections are necessary because they help commercial building owners realize when there is a problem with their roof. Roof inspections allow for problems to be diagnosed and corrected before they get worse. Inspectors from 12 Stones Roofing are trained to recognize issues such as soft spots and leaks that may or may not be noticeable to others.

Inspections help keep commercial businesses running by keeping them safe for people to work and do business. Faulty roofs may be dangerous. They can leak and cause water damage, or even allow water to drop onto electrical components and wires, which can cause a short or even fire. Many insurance companies require regular roof inspections to ensure the roof is not at risk.

12 Stones Roofing has experience in the commercial roofing Houston and residential roofing industry. We are also committed to finding problems or areas that are at risk for problems and alert owners so we can arrange for repairs. In addition to inspections, 12 Stones Roofing also offers commercial roofing repairs, replacement, and new roof installation. 12 Stones Roofing believes that a roof is a building’s protection, and regular commercial roof inspection ensures that it will continue to protect the building and those who work inside it.

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Commercial Roof Inspector Service Applications

Inspections can reveal a variety of problems. We don’t just search for the problem but also look for its cause and work closely with the commercial building owner to figure out which repairs are necessary. 12 Stones Roofing doesn’t just send inspectors to look for roof problems. We also handle the repairs, so the commercial building owners don’t have to worry about water damage or other roof problems. Among the most common of the problems we encounter are the following :

  • Soft Spots

    Soft spots are areas in a roof where the water has soaked in and started to cause rot. Soft spots can easily be discovered by merely walking on a roof. Multiple soft spots are possible, and they can quickly grow as time goes on. If soft spots aren't dealt with immediately, they can lead to substantial leaking and even complete roof failure. The area with the soft spots will eventually turn into a hole and allow water to drip inside the home. Inspectors can identify soft spots and inform owners of the severity of the problem.

  • Missing Roofing

    One of the most obvious things that inspectors look for when inspecting a roof is missing roofing. The roofing can become damaged by the sun and eventually break off. Wind can also blow shingles and even panels of roofing away. Rain and snow can also cause missing roofing. When missing roofing happens, the holes created by this situation can allow water and rain to drip down into the roofing. This condition can cause the roof's wooden structure to break down and lead to severe water damage in an attic or various parts of a home. Our inspectors don't just check for missing roofing; we also inspect the areas where its missing to determine the severity of the damage.

  • Damaged Flashing

    Flashing helps protect the areas between pieces of roofing and act like seams to help seal the roof and keep the rain, snow, and dirt out. Flashing can be damaged by the wind and rain. It is also expected to breakdown over time. To better deal with this situation, our inspectors check the flashing’s condition and determine if it is allowing any water to leak into areas of the roof. Flashing can sometimes be the only cause of a leak or water damage but can be conveniently repaired by 12 Stones Roofing.

  • Rotting Wood

    The presence of rotting wood means water is leaking in and under the roofing. This condition also signals that the wood in the affected area gets eaten. This is a more severe type of damage, and if it's too bad, it may require the entire commercial roof to be replaced. Our inspectors don't just identify that there is rotting wood. We also figure out where the water is leaking into the roof and recommend the proper repairs to prevent the damage from becoming worse.

  • Leaks

    Leaks are one of the most common problems with commercial building roofs. In most cases, the source of the leak is hard to locate. Fortunately, our inspectors are trained to tell if a roof is leaking. In most cases, we can also conveniently find the exact spot where the leak is coming from. Since leaks can lead to water damage and more costly repairs, it is best to hire professionals to repair a leak as soon as an inspector identifies it.

Service Benefits

Many commercial building owners are worried about commercial roof inspection costs. While it’s normal not to want unplanned expenses, the inspection cost is far less than what they would incur when full roof replacement becomes necessary. Fortunately, our commercial roof inspectors are always ready to help in identifying problems or potential areas where problems may occur. Thus, the owners are given a chance to address them before they get worse. Aside from that, having us inspect their commercial roof regularly allows them to achieve the following benefits.

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  • Longer Lifespan

    A roof that is inspected often and is repaired when needed is more likely to last longer. While 12 Stones Roofing does offer complete roof replacement and installation, most commercial building owners would prefer to avoid a full replacement if possible. Proper inspections and maintenance help increase the life of the roof and can save the commercial building owners’ money in the long run.

  • Less Risk of Water Damage

    Water damage can cause severe problems in a building. Not all leaks are easy to spot but can cause severe damage. Water can leak through a roof and between the walls. It can flood basements and cause water damage in attics. Water can eventually cause the structure of a building to rot or break down, which can lead to costly repairs or even make it impossible to save the building. A regular commercial roof inspection can help homeowners stay on top of the repairs, so water damage risk is reduced.

  • Enhanced Safety

    A roof that's about to fall is definitely not safe. It could fall in on people inside the building, or pieces of the roof could blow off and hit someone. A faulty roof can even cause damage to homes, commercial buildings, or vehicles nearby. Many businesses are also inspected by city officials and government agencies regularly. If a building is not safe because of a roof, the business may be closed down. Commercial roof inspection costs less than the loss of a business and can help business owners keep their buildings safe.

  • Identify Problems Quickly

    12 Stones Roofing helps identify small problems so they can be repaired before they become worse. In most cases, leaks and soft spots can be fixed before any structural damage occurs. Dealing with problems quickly helps reduce the cost of repairs and can help commercial building owners avoid having to replace the roof entirely.

Industry Knowledge

The 12 Stones Roofing commercial roof inspectors are licensed, bonded, and certified to conduct commercial roofing inspections. They are happy to assist building owners with all their inspection needs. They will go out of their way to make sure the owner understands the extent of the damage, the severity, and what could happen if they don’t repair the roof quickly. They can also suggest the appropriate repairs that can help get the roof in 100% good condition, so it is less at risk for complete failure and will continue to protect the building for many years. Inspectors have experience with many different types of roofing material and designs. They can also inspect any commercial building’s roof.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Roofing Inspection?

If you need an expert that will conduct a commercial roof inspection in Houston, give us a call. 12 Stones Roofing is happy to assist you with all your inspection needs. We offer the best commercial roof inspection service at a competitive price. Aside from lowering the commercial roof inspection cost, you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your commercial roofing needs are well taken care of.

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About 12 Stones Roofing

12 Stones Roofing is a leading service provider for both commercial and residential roofing in the greater Houston area. We take pride in our experience and know-how in handling all our clients’ roofing needs. Our services currently include repairs, installations, replacements, and inspections handled by professional and well-trained personnel. Also, 12 Stones offers the most competitive rates in the region and provides the clients with the opportunity to get the most out of what they spend.


Work was very professional. Job was done why me and the family was out of town. Had full trust in them. Cleaned grounds up very well when job was completed. Job down in one day. A most hire if you need a roof.

Brad T | Deer Park, TX
Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof
Thursday, August 21, 2019

12 stones roofing listened to exactly what my concerns were around our chimney and also our a/c line which was very close to the roof line. They have the best workers and put our roof on in one day

Peggy S | La Porte, TX
Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, April 15, 2019

An individual came out the same day I contacted the company. The individual was quite punctual in showing up when he said he would. I was given a great bid. The repairs were taken care of. I am very pleased!

Homeowner | Pearland, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, November 9, 2015

Very professional and prompt. Did a good job & not over charge. Would definitely recommend 12 Stones Enterprises for roofing services as well as Home Advisors for having a data base of good service providers. Thank you

Cash I | Friendswood, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, June 1, 2015

12 stones staff worked through the first part of a storm. The work was outstanding. The took care of my every need on the project. The price was as agreed and excellent. I will be hiring them again for other projects as soon as I can afford it.

Perry M | Friendswood, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12 Stones Roofing knocked out the work on my house quickly and gave me the best price in the area. My home is covered by an outstanding Warranty and Workmanship I can trust for decades in the future!! Thank you guys for the hard work!!

Melanie S | La Porte, TX
Install or Replace and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, December 29, 2014

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