Commercial R-Panel Roofing Services

At 12 Stones Roofing, we are a full-service roofing company that offers roofing repairs, installation, inspections, and replacement in the greater Houston area. We have the skills and expertise to apply R-Panel metal roofing to both residential and commercial buildings. We complete roofing projects quickly and efficiently while still providing excellent workmanship.

While roofing installations and repairs are sizeable projects, we make it a smooth and straightforward process for the homeowner, making sure we provide education, preparation, and take all safety precautions necessary. We also do a thorough job site clean-up afterwards.

Many building owners choose to have R-Panel metal roofing installed in place of other traditional roofing because it looks better, is affordable, and has a long lifespan.

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Service Applications

There are many different types of roofs, and 12 Stones Roofing has the skills to install roofing on all of them. R-Panel roofing is ideal for most types of roofs because it looks great, is easy to install, and lasts for many years. It can be applied to commercial buildings or homes. It comes in different colors and thickness, which allows building owners to give their home a custom look. Also, this adds curb appeal while also protecting the building from water damage. 

  • Low Slope Roofs

    Low slope roofs are common on commercial buildings, but not so much today on residential buildings. Even so, there are many homes with low slope roofs. These roof systems can make it hard for water to drain from them. R-Panel roofing helps make it easier for water to drain and can help prevent water damage to the home.

  • Gable Roofs

    Gable roofs are common in many types of building structures. They have long slopes and usually have gutters on both sides to help with drainage. R-Panel roofing metal roofing looks excellent on gable roofs and works well with them. The panels can be attached to the roof quickly and last for many years.

  • Hip Roofs

    Hip roofs are similar to gable roofs. They have a peek at the top and slopes on the sides. Where gable roofs have two slopes, hop roofs have four. R-Panel metal roofing can easily be applied to hip roofs to help protect the building from water damage and improve the overall look of the structure. It's also easy to maintain and lasts for a long time.

  • Intersecting Roofs

    R-Panel Metal Roofing installation is ideal for intersecting roofs. The panels can be cut and angled to fit into each section easily. The seams aren't noticeable and make it hard for water, wind, or dirt to get under the metal panels. Other roofing systems may not work on these types of roofs.

Service Benefits

R-Panel metal roofing is a popular option for many different types of buildings, both residential and commercial. This type of roofing has many benefits including :

  • Durable

    R-Panel metal roofing is very durable. It can last for decades. It is available in different grade qualities that make it ideal for both residential buildings and commercial buildings. It also maintains its classic appearance over time.

  • Easy to Maintain

    R-Panel metal roofing is easy to maintain. It's easy to clean and because it's smooth metal, leaves, limbs, debris, and snowfall off easily. Small repairs and maintenance can help increase the longevity of the roof.

  • Cosmetically Appealing

    One of the biggest benefits of R panel roofing it's the way it looks. It's a modern and trendy option that is often used to replace other types of roofing systems. It has a sleep and clean look that is ideal for any roof.

  • Affordable

    R-Panel roofing installation is an affordable option for both homeowners and commercial building owners. It can be cut to fit all types of roofing. Experienced installation crews can calculate the precise amount needed to avoid any extra material and costs.

Industry Knowledge

At 12 Stones, our goal is to ensure that all customers receive quality roofing services at an affordable price and on time. Each member of the team is trained to provide friendly customer service and quality workmanship.  Our crew members are licensed and bonded to work on all types of roof and with all types of roofing materials. In addition to offering R-Panel metal roofing installation, we also provide inspections and repairs. 12 Stones Roofing takes pride in helping Houston homeowners and commercial building owners with all their roofing needs.

Why Choose Us for Commercial R-Panel Roofing?

If you are looking for a roofing service to install R-Panel metal roofing in Houston, be sure to consider 12 Stones Roofing. We inspect, install, repair, and replace all types of roofing. We are also happy to assist you with making your home look better while protecting it from water damage.

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About 12 Stones Roofing

12 Stones Roofing is a leading service provider for both commercial and residential roofing in the greater Houston area. We take pride in our experience and know-how in handling all our clients’ roofing needs. Our services currently include repairs, installations, replacements, and inspections handled by professional and well-trained personnel. Also, 12 Stones offers the most competitive rates in the region and provides the clients with the opportunity to get the most out of what they spend.


Work was very professional. Job was done why me and the family was out of town. Had full trust in them. Cleaned grounds up very well when job was completed. Job down in one day. A most hire if you need a roof.

Brad T | Deer Park, TX
Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof
Thursday, August 21, 2019

12 stones roofing listened to exactly what my concerns were around our chimney and also our a/c line which was very close to the roof line. They have the best workers and put our roof on in one day

Peggy S | La Porte, TX
Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, April 15, 2019

An individual came out the same day I contacted the company. The individual was quite punctual in showing up when he said he would. I was given a great bid. The repairs were taken care of. I am very pleased!

Homeowner | Pearland, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, November 9, 2015

Very professional and prompt. Did a good job & not over charge. Would definitely recommend 12 Stones Enterprises for roofing services as well as Home Advisors for having a data base of good service providers. Thank you

Cash I | Friendswood, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, June 1, 2015

12 stones staff worked through the first part of a storm. The work was outstanding. The took care of my every need on the project. The price was as agreed and excellent. I will be hiring them again for other projects as soon as I can afford it.

Perry M | Friendswood, TX
Repair and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12 Stones Roofing knocked out the work on my house quickly and gave me the best price in the area. My home is covered by an outstanding Warranty and Workmanship I can trust for decades in the future!! Thank you guys for the hard work!!

Melanie S | La Porte, TX
Install or Replace and Asphalt Shingle Roof
Monday, December 29, 2014

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